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Hey there! I'm Bruna Bernini, an architect who's really passionate about incorporating sustainability and Biophilic into every aspect of design and construction. Over the 20 years I've had a diverse range of experiences from running my own interior design studio to handling important international projects like the Grand Hyatt Rio, JW Marriott Rio. MAR - Art Museum Rio and others. Throughout my journey I've been guided by a commitment to sustainable living.


My love for the Atlantic Forest and my experiences with surfing have always pushed me to establish a connection between humans and nature. This drive led me to specialize in Sustainability Certifications and use PMBOK strategies to bring eco friendly solutions to life.

As both a LEED GA and an MBA of Sustainable Buildings Design and Performance graduated my focus has shifted towards addressing the critical issue of carbon emissions and in the construction industry. Through Livin Flow Design CO, I'm fully dedicated to empowering and inspiring living practices and reestablish human connectivity to the natural environment.


So what's my ultimate goal? It's all about merging my expertise and enthusiasm to create designs that are not only environmentally friendly but also contribute to the well being and happiness of my clients. Let's join forces on this journey to develop spaces that truly harmonize with our planet.

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