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This living room renovation was created for a family of four. They love to be home and nap on the couch when possible, so it needs to be a usable space. Personal decorative items and family identity were kept. A comfortable couch, vintage fabrics, and refurbish furniture underpin our sustainable approach.

Home of good friends, this kitchen dining area was created to receive friends over, surrounded by nice talks about life for people that love to receive friends over and stay talking about life after dinner is over. The selection of material had to be both sophisticated and cozy. Clean lines, classic marble table, and leather chairs were key elements for the project.

Smaller homes are a solution for the future. The biggest challenge is to utilize the space in the best way possible. Thinking about every corner. This 1,148 Sq Ft. townhouse was fully decorated and 80% of all objects and furniture were previously owned. Some were repainted others were refurbished.




02  /  26  /  2020

03  /  03  /  2020

The first step is the key to change, start slow but start!
Understanding sustainability applied in Interior Design


03  /  10  /  2020

What harmful things you should avoid when doing a interior design project
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