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To rescue through design the human connection with nature, creating a space where the user will access their flow state of mind and be more aware of the exchange impact we have with our environment. Bringing to the ordinary people concepts of sustainability, conscious consumption, green building and biophilic.

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The three pillars of Livin Flow Design are equivalent of the Triple Bottom Line: People, Planet, Profit, and the Sustainable Development: Environmental, Economic and Social.





















We want to help to preserve and regenerate the planet, by reducing the waste, natural resource consumption and chemicals use or contamination by using sustainable environmental practices.



We seek social equality, by selecting vendor , partners and products that are founded in fair trade, safe labor and supporting the local community.




We want our company to have success and profitability through sustainability initiative: a talented employees who know how to take the triple bottom line from theory to reality, with a mix of experience and skills, sustainable
management and long growth planning.




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